Team Clash Discs 2022

Nikko Locastro

A Disc golf legend who doesn't need introductions.The list of achievements is long and continues to grow.

INSTAGRAM: @nikkolocastro
FACEBOOK: @nikkolocastro

Joonatan Häme

Joonatan is definitely one of Finland's top players right now. He finished second in 2021 Finnish Championships.

INSTAGRAM: @joonatan_hme
TIKTOK: @joonatan_hme

Olav Brekke

Do you know who won the 2022 LVC distance competition? The winner is Olav Brekke by all time distance record at LVC (710 feet). Welcome to our international team 2019 Norwegian Junior Champion Olav Brekke.

INTAGRAM: @olavbrekkedg

(Photo: Kristian Bålsrød, Guru Disc Golf)

Mindaugas Mažeika

2021 Lithuania Discgolf Cups Pučkoriai winner Mindaugas Mažeika.

INSTAGRAM: @mindaugas_pdga_130036

Gillis MacDougall

This now 17 years old talent finished second at the 2021 United States Amateur Championship and likes avocados.

INSTAGRAM: @gillis_macdougall

Elina Rydberg

2021 Swedish Championships Runner-up
2021 National Tour champion
2021 Swedish FPO Player of the year

Elina Rydberg is a dedicated player and she knows what it takes to succeed. She hosts a disc golf podcast Kedja Ut.

YOUTUBE: Elina Rydberg
INSTAGRAM: @elinarydberg

Matias Kalaoja

Matias Kalaoja has played disc golf for almost 10 years and he is only 19 years old. He has an elite distance backhand drive and we are expecting big things from this youngster in the upcoming years.

INSTAGRAM: @kalaojamatias

Jenni Karppinen

Jenni Karppinen already has several doubles and team championship medals in the bag. Jenni is a serious contender in FPO and she will be challenging the top female players in 2022.

INSTAGRAM: @jjjjennii

Nina Rajala

Nina Rajala is a three time back to back FPO40 finnish champion.

INSTAGRAM: @ninarajala_pdga103017

Antti Kotilainen

98 career events. 43 wins. 43.88% win percentage. Official Finnish distance record.

INSTAGRAM: @kotilainenantti

Lauri Hämäläinen

Lauri Hämäläinen is only 19 years old and placed 9th in 2021 European Junior Disc Golf Championship. There is a bright future ahead for him. We are excited to see how this youngster performs this year in the Open Division.

INSTAGRAM: @laurihamalainendg

Marko Hämäläinen

Marko Hämäläinen started playing at the age of 38. Now a decade later he is one of the most merited finnish MPO40 players. Boasting a whopping 78 career wins. 4x Finnish Masters Pro Tour Champion and 3x Runner-up.

INSTAGRAM: @hamalainen6645

Jacob Courtis

Jacob "Cupcake" Courtis is a player you should definitely keep an eye out. He has been sponsored since the age of 10. He has already taken multiple wins this year and is hungry for more.

INSTAGRAM: @cupcake_discs

Hao Kanerva

Hao Kanerva is the undisputable king of weeklies in central Finland. Metrix rating of 1038 and ranked 18th in the world.

INSTAGRAM: @k4nerh4

Jim Ljungqvist

Jim Ljungqvist has only played few years but he is already making waves in Sweden by winning the first two events of the season!

INSTAGRAM: @jimqvistljung

Teemu Wirkkala

Teemu Wirkkala is an olympic level javelinist, a world-class athlete and a disc golfer!

INSTAGRAM: @keppiwelho2

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